Micro Stirling Steam Generator Engine

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How to use:

  • Turn the flywheel by hand to see if it is smooth, and adjust the related screws not smoothly
  • Check whether each sliding part is clean;
  • Fill the alcohol lamp below two thirds;
  • Ignite the alcohol lamp and put it on the front of the test tube. After about 1 minute, turn the flywheel and the engine rotates. The warm-up time with the generator is slightly longer.


  • Do not touch the test tube and the metal connected to it to avoid burns.
  • Lit the alcohol lamp for a long time, and the alcohol lamp cannot be touched easily to avoid burns.
  • During heating, do not touch the cotton tube of the alcohol lamp, the piston cannot be oiled, and both ends of the connecting rod need to be lubricated.

Package included:

1 x Upgrade Red Stirling Engine Generator