Inflatable Air Tool Level & Install Windows

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"The New inflatable pry bar and leveling tool are designed for professional users.

This allows a single installer to position and holds items in place, saving Jobsite time and reduc¬ing labor costs by providing a much-needed extra hand in installations. It’s perfect for window and door installers, interior construction professionals, installers of appliances and small equipment, other skilled craftsmen, and serious DIYs.


CONTRACTOR GRADE FEATURES -- Professional level 300 pound load capacity certified by SGS. Fully inflated 2.5” gap-spanning capability means greater lifting range and the ability to handle more jobs. Rounded corner and internal “stiffener” allows the AirShim to be inserted (crammed) into tighter spaces without bending. Won’t fold under pressure. Backed with a 1-Year Warranty.

LIFT, SHIFT, ALIGN, LEVEL, and PLUMB -- by utilizing multiple AirShims below, above, left, and right of heavy objects you can fine-tune their positioning with easy adjustments from all 4 sides resulting in faster, more secure placements.

SIMPLE ONE-HAND OPERATION -- AirShim’s powerful hand pump inflates to lift or move loads, while the precision bleed valve button allows for simple one-handed adjustments and deflation.

REDUCES SURFACE DAMAGE -- Unlike wooden shims, wedges, and metal pry bars, the AirShim poses no risk of damage to surrounding surfaces.

SO MANY USES, YOU’LL WANT SEVERAL -- the more you use AirShim the more uses you will find! Appliances, Beams, Cabinets, Doors, Equipment, Furniture, HVAC, Plumbing, Joists, Countertops, Mantels, Bathroom Fixtures, Curtain Walls, Flanges, Windows, and more!


  • CONTRACTOR-GRADE inflatable air wedge for window, door, and cabinet installations; replaces damaging pry bars and wooden shims
  • 300 LB LOAD RATING safely handles full-size installations with just a single installer; saving time and labor costs
  • ROUNDED CORNER AND INTERNAL STIFFENER gets into tight 3/32” gaps and won’t fold under pressure; durable, no-scuff cover leaves no marks
  • WIDE 2-1/2” GAP SPANNING CAPACITY means greater lifting or pushing range and more versatility on the job or around the house
  • EASY ONE-HANDED OPERATION using simple squeeze pump and precise bleeder valve lets you raise and lower to perfect alignments