Double-cylinder Micro DIY External Combustion Stirling Engine

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  • Made of precision, the whole is made of high-grade materials, and the heating tube is quartz glass;
  • Not only good heat dissipation but also easy to observe the dynamics of the heating piston, resulting in a better look and feel
  • The base is painted MDF board with the appropriate weight, and it is a more high-end atmosphere after coloring;
  • The connecting rod is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable;
  • The bracket is made of oxidized aluminum alloy, and the texture is delicate.
  • The product is carefully designed, the overall stability and coordination are well remembered, and can be used without over-commissioning after receiving the goods;
  • The product comes with a generator, the output voltage of the generator is 3-5v, and it can be connected to the lamp bead and the lamp strip. And the product comes with many spare cylinders, alcohol lamps, and other accessories, with good DIY potential
  • The product heating cylinder has an inner diameter of 14mm and a piston stroke of 12mm. The speed per minute is 2000-3000 rpm.
  • Suitable for gift-giving, furniture decoration, DIY, science and education toys, educational props, etc.
  • suitable for people over 10 years old, people under 10 years old should be used under adult supervision to avoid burns


Color: As Shown
Material: Quartz Glass + Stainless Steel + Aluminum Alloy + MDF
Size: 16*8*9cm
Weight: 320g
Package Dimensions: 20*10*16cm
Package Weight: 350g
Packing: Carton Box

Package Content:

.1 x Alcohol Burner(One Spare )
.1 x Generator
.2 x Heating Cylinder(One Spare )
.1 x Flywheel + Driving Wheel + Baseplate + Support + Power Cylinder in One
.1 x Tweezers
.1 x Disposable Syringe
.2 x Little Wrench
.4 x Seal Ring
.2 x Colorful Led Light
.1 x Silicone Tube