Solar System Crystal Ball with Wood Stand

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Sumnacon solar system crystal ball is so neat to hold it in your hand with an 80mm/3 inch diameter. The planet balls are inset into a 2D plastic film disc imprinted with orbits and some moons. The planets are 3D. Then the entire assembly is encased in a glass orb. Timeless wonderment. Great quality and craftsmanship.

Our clear Solar System Crystal Ball stylishly displays all eight planets (Pluto not included) with their moons in their orbits around the Sun. Makes a great gift for anyone interested in space.

Now you can bring the solar system to your home, office or wherever you want to display it

  • 8 planets of the solar system inside, NOT INCLUDING Pluto because it's not considered a planet anymore. The crystal solar system is an excellent educational tool for young children, and it looks nice as a decorative piece in the family room. It helps children understand the relationship between the sun and planets in 3-D!
  • For those looking for a unique gift for the space lover or any astronomer, this is it. It is a very nice representation of the solar system. The planets and the rings that show the orbits are in different colors. Can be used as either a paperweight or a free-standing object.
  • Got More Than the Whole World in Your Hand - Elegant, beautifully executed, a great addition to a collection of globes of Earth you might be keeping handy. When the evening news rises above mere foibles to bowel loosening terror, an earth globe can reset us by its calming perspective. A set of representations of the Earth as it was thought to be in the past can now be enriched by a new and wider view of our entire solar system.
  • Elegant and Ideal for Display- 80mm / 3 inch diameter.This classic clear crystal ball will add a touch of elegance to any room. Perfect place in your office, living room, or bedroom.
  • Come with a gift box and wood stand and is great for displaying the ball. Would recommend this product to anyone who likes the solar system and would like an interesting and good looking way to display it.


The diameter of Crystal Ball: 80mm
Weight of Crystal Ball: 655g
Color of Crystal Ball: Clear

Package includes:

- 1X Solar System Crystal Ball
- 1X Wood Stand
- 1X Gift cardboard box