3D Deep Sea Moving Sand Art Picture Round Glass Frame

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  • ART SANDSCAPE : Use sealed glass, colorless liquid, special sand and appropriate amount of bubbles to create the perfect picture, Each flip can produce a completely non-repetitive dynamic painting, so that you can not bear to release it. It's benefit for the development of intelligence, improve the sentiment.
  • HIGH-QUALITY TWO-COLOR FRAME: whimsy Using new plastic frame, strong and durable, fresh and simple, beautiful and generous. Can effectively play the anti-fall or anti-pressure function. The appearance of high-end fashion, by a variety of consumers favor
  • MULTIPURPOSE : Continuous flow of sand painting, can alleviate pressure and relieve eye fatigue, suitable for office workers and people who work long hours in front of the computer.
  • WONDERFUL GIFT IDEA : Sand pictures are especially suitable for office workers, people who work beside the computer for a long time. Great gifts for 

Ancient Chinese folk traditional art

Integrated with modern technology Let the wonders of hills and deserts gradually appear in front of us It is the regulator of work and fatigue Treasures for leisure and entertainment

Features:   The thickness of the side of the product is upto 3cm, so that products can be independent to establish stand in the desk, eliminating the trouble of taking support, even more simple and convenient!


    The glass products are easily broken, the child is best supervised by an adult when playing.

    Bubble stuck is also a normal phenomenon because bubble buoyancy and sand gravity balance, which the probability of the situation is very small Only the flow sand painting injected into the gas can the sand be flowed, preferably in about 2mm, there are individual gas. Only need to take this product left and right shake a moment, making all sands concentrated in the bottom, While the fixed proportion of the air inside will be scattered into small bubbles, Then it can be reversed. Every flip can produce a completely non-repetitive painting.

    When winter the product is put on the outside, the temperature is below zero, it will be frozen, but the frozen flowed sand, such as the snow-capped mountains covered with layers of pine, is very beautiful, do not worry too much. When the temperature is higher than zero, melt sand can continue to flow,Taking into account the cold weather in winter, in order to avoid accidents, it is not recommended to put the quicksand outdoors.